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Welcome to my Cowboy Bebop fanart section or should I say worship-Spike-or-else-page. Just kidding! I'm not obsessed with Spike. I like drawing him because he's the easiest to draw. Anyway, I finally decided to move these drawings to a separate page. I'll continue to draw more and maintain this page until my interest has waned or it's not fun for me anymore.

For ease of updates, this will be a strictly fanart page and nothing else. There are lots of excellent CB fan sites out there and I'm sure you know where to find them. :)

I need an editor. Haw!

Updates (old updates)
5/15/03 - Updated my contact info.

10/11/02 - I received three awesome and very funny fanarts by Michael Henderson. Check out his site.
- Added link to my CB The Sims skin page.

- Boring Lin oekaki. Also changed email address.
- A really ugly oekaki of Shin and another almost as ugly oekaki of Faye with Ed. I'm ashame of them.
- Picture of Faye by Andy H. and cg sketch of Andy's head added. Fixed the links in the description section.

CB Fanart L
bebop@bbt - plenty o' goodies & wrong. purveyor of wrong.
atomictoy - big fan of CB, defender of wrong.
hwei - the OTHER person who draws Lin and Shin.

will add more later...

Want to contribute? I would love to display your CB related artwork. Just contact me. I do have the right to refuse pics (though I'm not too picky) and I won't accept copied or traced work or pics that are in really bad taste (hey, this is a family-friendly site).

Also, feel free to contact me for link exchage.

Studio Cyen

scribbles by me
cgs and finished works
group shotSmoke BreakJet AnnoyedSpike 'n BroomNails     
color sketches, oekaki, and parodies
Faye sketchSpike sketchNOT spikeAndy      
Oekaki EdOekaki SpikeOekaki FayeLet me fix itOekaki Spike 2Oekaki Shin (oooh, bad)Oekaki GirlsOekaki Lin  
Artist Andy, a parodyEver wonder....        
work in progress and bw scribble junk
work in progresswork in progresswork in progresswork in progress
click here for descriptions

lovely pieces of art by you
Swordfish II by AndyFaye by AndyEd by Michael HendersonEd Scratch by Michael HendersonSwordfish by Michael Henderson 
click here for descriptions

the sims skins
for simBebop crew go here
the characters and drawings belong to their respective owners.
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