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May 12, 2008
13 Rupees

I'm not dead. I'm actually doing quite well, and earlier in the month, I finally finished my submission for our Zelda anthology project. Our first book is at the printer now and it's available for preorder. I'm very excited about the book because everyone did a fantastic job with their submissions. Please check out the official site at

Besides the stuff I did for the anthology, I haven't really been productive for the last six months or so because of yet another weird art block. At least I got this one drawing done (a Wind Waker/Super Smash Bros. Brawl fanart).

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January 17, 2008
Happy New Year?

Uh, I think I have this design for long enough. I should get motivated and revamp this site. I'm also thinking about merging the comics and art section back because I more or less quit drawing comics for the time being though I do have a couple of projects for this year lined up, including a collaboration with TML and a comic anthology project. I'll post more info later when we actually have some concrete stuff done.

I'm also thinking seriously about starting an adventure game finally. I've been toying with the idea for years now, and I think it's about time to do something with it. My first project will be a one room puzzle just for me to learn the program and see what I can do.

I still have to add links to my newer drawings, but I'll have to do that later when I use the laptop. For now here's the list:

A Walk in the Forest - Zelda fanart for someone in the exchange.
Link and Ordon Goat - Another Zelda fanart.
Fun in the Sun - Phoenix Wright fanart that ended up winning a contest over at DA.
Grumpy Edgeworth - Another PW fanart. The two PW pics were supposed to be one.
Kyle vs. Rachel - Animation I did for Andy's request.
Kyle Hyde sketch - Another Hotel Dusk pic.
Hope and Courage - Zelda fanart again. This time it's OoT Link and Sheik.
Lotta Hart - latest finished drawing, PW fanart.

I'm hoping this year I can switch gears and get back to drawing more seriously and do more original stuff. I love doing fan arts and all, but doing original stuff is still more fun for me in some ways.

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