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Catherine's Sim Skins


5/12/03 - I updated my contact info. I have a couple of unfinished skins, but I doubt I'll upload those anytime soon since I'm not super happy about those. I take pride in my skins don't look like cosplayers.

8/13/02 - I rezipped the simfaye and simjet folder so now there aren't any extra junky files in each folder. I also updated the contact info in the readme of each folder.

Here is a preview of SimLin, which I will upload later. I finally renamed SimDorothy's files, but for some reason one of her hand is still flesh tone. Need to figure out what's wrong. I might actually redo the head skin too.

Finally, if anyone wants to do a collaboration with me, contact me. I'm looking for someone who can make meshes.

- I changed my email address. I still need to know if the skins are working properly or not in Mac and PC. It should work in PC, but I'm not certain about Mac. If you have requests or comments,
contact me. Thanks!

1/4/02 - SimJet uploaded. I changed the head mesh and fixed the details on the clothes. Oops, I goofed. I didn't name the body skin correctly. Now, the file has been renamed and all's well. I hope.

Welcome to my Sims skin collection. So far for my own amusement I have made skins for the crew of the Bebop and Dorothy Waynright from Big O. When I have time and energy, I'll make costumized PJs and other costumes for each character. At this point, I only make new skins, but eventually I will learn how to make meshes. Please do not post these elsewhere and claim them as your own because I actually spent time on making these.

These are originally created in Mac, but they should work in PC. Please give me feedbacks and have fun with the skins. :)

Cowboy Bebop
My first attempt at making skins. Faye was the very first one. Click here for a screen shot of all the characters.
Faye Valentinefinal version uploaded on 12/29/011
Jet Blackversion 2 (final?) uploaded on 1/4/021
Edwarddone except need to make/find better head mesh 
Spike Spiegeldone except need to make/find better head mesh 
Lindone but it would be nice to find a better coat skin1
Big O
Dorothy Waynrightfiles renamed. need to figure out how to change hand colors
Roger Smith 
Club Haus Weekly
The Club Haus girls and boy's adventures in comic world. Get ready to meet Eldrag-- the fat, bald, 40 year old otaku (yes, we do know such a person who goes by the name Kenji Wannabe), Sailor Lard, and more gross characters.
Sailor Lard 
Skins by Catherine Yen and characters are copyrighted by their owners.
Please do not post these skins elsewhere. This is for personal use only.
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