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Descriptions.... fun, eh?
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color drawings
group shot ARTIST: Andy H.
TITLE: Swordfish II
DATE: 1/28/2002
MEDIUM: ink and CG

WAH!! Awesome gift from Andy!! Now I have my own Swordfish II and it's not the sissy pink one. This is Andy's "revenge" for this wrongness I sent him. We had a battle of the Bebop where each of us draw Cowboy Bebop fan arts. I feel motivated by his drawings because they're so good.
Faye by Andy ARTIST: Andy H.
DATE: 1/28/2002
MEDIUM: ink and CG

A pic older than the Swordfish II gift by Andy, who is a very talented artist and super funny. I always like his intrepetation of the Bebop characters. The mood of the overall pic matches Faye's expression perfectly. Thanks for letting me host the picture!
oekaki and parodies
bw drawings