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Descriptions.... fun, eh?
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CG and 'finished' drawings
group shot TITLE: The Bebop Gang
DATE: 11/10/2001
MEDIUM: ink and CG

My first and probably best Cowboy Bebop fan art (of 2001, heh).
Smoke Break TITLE: Smoke Break
DATE: 2/5/2002
MEDIUM: pencil and CG

Drawing the hands took the most time, but I think they turned out pretty well. I think I made him look too girly because of the eyes (and the arms and hands are modeled after my body so...). The mop's in a weird position.
Jet Annoyed TITLE: Jet--Annoyed
DATE: 5/2/2002
MEDIUM: ink and CG

Jet looks annoyed (actually more like he's in pain). This background is better than the gross, girly pink color I used in an earlier version. I'm really happy with the background. The hardest things to draw in this pic are Jet's arms. I think I over did it with the CG of the metal arm.
Spike 'n Broom TITLE: Broom
DATE: 5/3/2002
MEDIUM: ink and CG

Yet another picture of Spike... I don't think I made his clothes tight enough. Hahaha. I like the marble effect in the background.
Nails TITLE: Faye and Her Nails
DATE: 5/3/2002
MEDIUM: ink and CG

Hm, I actually made an attempt at adding a background. This is the actually the first CB pic that I added a background even though the drawing of the character was done third (after the Jet and Spike pics). I had a lot of trouble with the line art and I ended up fixing it in PS. Her head was too small and her chest too big in the original version. I think the pic turned out well in the end.
color sketches, oekaki, and parodies
Spike sketch TITLE: A sketch of Spike
DATE: 11/13/2001
MEDIUM: pencil and CG

An odd looking Spike. The expression looks kind of slimey and he's body is a tad too big. Yanwen's comment was "it's more of a combination of 'what's going on' 'don't look at me' and 'i just woke up' mugshot." Heh.
Faye sketch TITLE: A sketch of Faye
DATE: 11/14/2001
MEDIUM: pencil and CG

I was too lazy to ink the lines. Plus, I kind of want a more sketchy quality to the drawing. I don't like how I drew her eyes.
NOT spike TITLE: Shin and Lin
DATE: 5/8/2002
MEDIUM: pencil and CG

A 'quick' CG of Shin and Lin, brothers who appeared separately in Cowboy Bebop. I really don't know how to draw pretty boys. I got Shin's face all messed up (fluffier hair one) and the eyes didn't look like the original design. This pic looked like more of my style than the Bebop style. Lin definitely looks better here than Shin. One of my friends made the comment "the brothers are *cough* hunky!!!"
Oekaki Ed TITLE: Oekakied
DATE: 12/7/2001

Catherine's laziness increased. I was doing a bunch of oekaki sketches as a way to relax. This is the second oekaki I've ever made. I think it looks Ed-like.
Oekaki Faye TITLE: Oekaki Faye
DATE: 12/19/2001

Faye looking annoyed at someone. Try to shade the clothes with complimentary color. That didn't work out well. I like her annoyed expression and the shiny lips though. I think this is the first pic I made on EK's site.
Oekaki Spike TITLE: Oekaki Spike
DATE: 12/20/2001

Smoking while half-asleep is bad for you. I like how the glow and the green and red combo.
Oekaki Spike 2 TITLE: Oekaki Spike 2
DATE: 12/24/2001

Another picture of Spike. I messed up his nose but I like how the light on the hair and face turned out.
Let me fix it TITLE: Let me KICK it
DATE: 12/21/2001

Catherine and her PC problem and Spike's solution.
Artist Andy, a parody TITLE: Artist Andy
DATE: 1/25/2002
MEDIUM: pencil and CG

A VERY rough and VERY wrong parody sketch for Andy, who's a very talented and very funny friend. This is Andy in the outfit of Cowboy Andy, a minor character that appeared in the series once. I don't like the overall pic because it's just a very rough sketch and he looks like he's missing his whole right side. I like the facial expression though. In retaliation of this wrongness, Andy sent me Swordfish II!
Ever wonder.... TITLE: Ever wonder....
DATE: 5/12/2002
MEDIUM: ink and CG
Pseudo comics/parody. Have you ever ask the question why the members of the Red Dragon wear those big coats? I only like the Spike and Vicious drawings. The others were so so...
TITLE: Come on
DATE: 6/8/2002
MEDIUM: pencil and CG
I decided to cg part of the unfinished Andy sketch. I tried to use darker shadows than what I usually use for softer cgs.
Oekaki Shin (oooh, bad) TITLE: ...
DATE: 6/15/2002
MEDIUM: oekaki
First oekaki for months. It was such an ugly picture of Shin (looks like he lost his shins. ha, that was a baaad pun), but at least I didn't just do a head shot. Because I'm having issues with the language settings in IE and Netscape, I ended up using Netscape to draw and then IE to post comments.
TITLE: ...
DATE: 6/16/2002
MEDIUM: oekaki
Faye and Ed all dressed up.
Oekaki Lin TITLE: ...
DATE: 6/17/2002
MEDIUM: oekaki
Stayed up too late just to draw this.
work in progress and bw scribble junk
work in progress Faye
work in progress A requested pic that I haven't finished.
work in progress Ed and Ein pic that I'm not going to bother to finish.
work in progress Another Shin and Lin pic. Eventually (after I redraw parts of this pic), I'll ink and CG it.
Ed. Need to make her hand bigger.
Andy. Need to fix his clothes and his right shoulder.