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News and Updates
09.18.05 Down is updated.
09.13.05 I finished the next page of Down the middle of last week. I haven't had a chance to post it online because I was out of town. It'll be online this Sunday!
09.04.05 Coffee Break is finished.
08.28.05 Coffee Break is updated.
08.21.05 Coffee Break is updated.
07.31.05 Coffee Break is updated with page 15. I just found out that parts of one of my comic appears in the 3rd edition of How to Draw and Sell Comics. Pretty exciting considering this is the first time my art work appeared in a book.
07.17.05 Coffee Break is updated with page 14.
07.10.05 Coffee Break is updated with page 13. I updated Down but Not Out yesterday. Sorry about the long wait...
07.09.05 Down but Not Out is updated with Chapter 3, page 10.
07.05.05 Twelve pages (plus cover) of Coffee Break are now online. The published section is now online. Coffee Break is updated with page 12.
06.26.05 Coffee Break is updated with page 11. Re-drafting next page of Down. I'm aiming for an update between 6/29 and 7/3. No promises though.
06.19.05 Coffee Break is updated with page 10. I also put together a page about my stories that are available in print form.

For those who are interested in buying the Slam Punkz book, if you order from me, you can receive a drawing or a copy of my Coffee Break ashcan.
06.12.05 Coffee Break is updated with page 9.
05.22.05 Coffee Break is updated with cover and page 8. I'll be out of town for the next two weeks so here are two pags to make up for my absence.

A print version of CB will be available starting at the end of May. If you want a copy, feel free to contact me. My Slam Dunk fan comic made for Slam Punkz will also be available starting at the end of May.
05.15.0 Coffee Break is updated. Fan comic is done!
05.08.05 Coffee Break is updated with page 6. Eeep, must finish fan comic!!
05.02.05 Coffee Break is updated with page 5. Time to go back to freaking out about getting the fan comic done.
04.23.05 Coffee Break is updated with page 4. SD comic is due next week. For some work in progress, check out my doodle section.
04.17.05 Coffee Break is updated with page 3.
04.10.05 Coffee Break is updated with page 2.
04.03.05 Coffee Break is updated with page 1.
03.19.05 Coffee Break, a short story, will be online starting on 4.3.04. I'm thinking about turning it into an ashcan which will be available for cheap (starting in late May?).
02.28.05 Down is updated with ch. 3, p. 9.
02.20.05 I'm back! I spent the last two months on an offline project. I got another offline project due in April, but I hope I'll update Down a few times before then. I really miss drawing Jon and company. For the latest updates and news, feel free to check out my main art section. Again, thank you for your support and patience.
11.30.04 Many apologies for not updating for the past two months. I've been in a bit of a slump recently, but hopefully that'll be pass soon. Thank you for your support and patience.
10.04.04 Down is updated with ch. 3, p. 8.
07.25.04 Down is updated with ch. 3, p. 7.
07.20.04 Forum is now open at TAC.
7.15.04 site redesigned
7.14.04 Down updated with Ch 3, page 6.
7.6.04 Down has been nominated for Outstanding Use
of Black and White at the Buzzawards.
7.4.04 I've been drawing comics for four years.
Today marks the 4th anniversary of my first comic being online.
6.26.04 Down updated with Ch 3, page 5.
6.13.04 Uploaded the finished version of Curious. I can't believe I forgot about it!
5.30.04 Bamboo updated with Ch 1, page 10.
5.23.04 Down updated with Ch 3, page 4.
5.18.04 Bamboo updated with Ch 1, page 9.
4.27.04 Down updated with Ch 3, page 3.
4.18.04 Bamboo updated with Ch 1, page 8.
4.12.04 Down updated with Ch 3, page 2.
4.5.04 Forgot to upload updated links page.
4.4.04 Bamboo updated with Ch 1, page 7.
3.15.04 I'm back from my trip! Ch 3 of Down starts.
1.25.04 Bamboo updated with Ch 1, page 6.
This is my last update before my trip.
1.18.04 Chapter 2 of Down has ended (page 32).
1.9.04 Happy New Year! Bamboo updated with Ch 1, page 5. Added new links.
12.24.03 Down updated with Ch 2, page 31. Happy Holidays!
12.19.03 Short story titled Curious is added. Good news, Yanwen is working on the next page of Date.
12.6.03 Bamboo updated with Ch1, page 4.
11.23.03 Down updated with Ch2, page 30.
11.21.03 Page layout of Bamboo Princess modified and (hopefully) improved. I'll update Down on Saturday or Sunday (11/22-23).
11.14.03 Page 2 of Bamboo Princess added.
11.8.03 A gift from my favorite person. Comics will be updated next week.
11.4.03 I'm still waiting for my bristol... I might not be able to update this week. I spent way too much time and energy in the past few weeks on a short story I'm submitting to IR, and now my wrist and fingers hurt. I need to take a break to recover.
10.25.03 Ch 2, page 29 of Down added. Not sure when's the next update. It depends on when my bristol arrives...
10.11.03 Ch 2, page 28 of Down added.
9.29.03 Fixed email form.
9.26.03 Ch 2, page 27 of Down added.
10.4.03 New story! The Bamboo Princess.
9.26.03 Ch 2, page 27 of Down added.
9.19.03 Darn, I was unable to finish a couple pages for the new story, but you can check out the preview here. Good news for all, the likelihood of Another Date starting has increase...
9.12.03 The answer is revealed. Ch 2, page 26 of Down added. Come back next week for a preview of my new story.
9.6.03 Crappy wallpapers in the dessert section. Link to the BBS has been added in the contact area. Next page of Down will be added next Fri/Sat.
9.2.03 BBS is now open. Feel free to drop by and say hello!
8.30.03 Ch 2, page 25 of Down added.
8.23.03 Ch 2, page 24 of Down added.
8.19.03 Good news, Down will be updated this weekend. If you want to have a sneak preview, ask me. I also updated the appetizer section.
8.14.03 I'm back from my trip to Taiwan. Next update should be around the 23rd, but I might sneak in some preview stuff if I actually got the time to draw. :)
7.27.03 Links section updated. I'm going on vacation for about two weeks.
7.20.03 Ch 2, page 23 of Down added.
7.19.03 Man, setting up the new ISP took way more time than expected. It's an exercise in pain and fustration. At least I got my internet connection back. The next page of Down is done so it'll be online tomorrow (Sunday).
7.13.03 Update is going to be a bit late due to me changing ISP and trying to figure out how to reconfigure the computer.
7.8.03 Sorry! No update this week because I was busy. Maybe as a punishment, I should do the next page in color. Heh.
6.24.03 Ch 2, page 22 of Down added.
6.9.03 Ch 2, page 21 of Down added.
6.5.03 I finally got in my mind a better picture of a pose for the parody comic. I'll try to update this weekend.
5.26.03 I'm bored with the old design so I'm redesigning this site. Again. I also updated the links section and added a new banner.
5.25.03 Ch 2, page 20 of Down added.
5.12.03 "Page flipper" added for Down.
5.11.03 Ch 2, page 19 of Down added.
4.24.03 Lupin III parody comic updated, and created a new section in the misc category. I also changed the layout of Down.
4.21.03 Ch 2, page 18 of Down added. Down is a member's pick at
4.3.03 Panels 5 and 6 of the parody comic added.
3.27.03 Panel 4 of the parody comic added.
3.25.03 Ch 2, page 17 of Down added. Also, as a little experiment and an excuse to try new things, I started a short parody comic of Lupin III.
3.7.03 Ch 2, page 16 of Down added. I just added a comment system at my main artsite. Feel free to comment about my art or comic there as well the usual places (email or guestbook). Contact section has been updated.
2.19.03 Ch 2, page 15 of Down added. Yay!
2.18.03 Next page of Down is almost done. I still need to finish doing the background, marker, scan, and letter. It should be done tonight or at the latest tomorrow morning.
2.4.03 Ch 2, page 14 of Down added. Finally!
2.1.03 Happy Chinese New Year!

Another Date has been chosen to be February's feature comic by the editor at :) I'm working on the next page of Down right now so it should be done tomorrow or at the latest Monday.
1.17.03 Just started work and playing Shadowbane, and my eyes are tired. If my comics are late, you know why. Heh. Actually, because of my job I'm updating Down on Sundays instead of Friday. This way I don't have to rush during the week while maintaining a regular update schedule. I'll try to update Down this Sunday, but I already know that I have a full weekend (due to socializing with friends and lab work).
1.10.03 Ch 2, page 13 of Down added.
1.6.03 Happy New Year! Moved Dream and revamped the misc comic section.
I'm back from my trip so Down will resume its regular update starting this week. Yanwen's working on the next page of Date so I'm not sure when that story will be updated. Date is going more slowly than expected so I have to push back the 'opening date' of Meng Mei.
12.24.02 Page 7 of Date added.
12.18.02 My eyes haven't been feeling well recently so it's likely no update this week (maybe early next week before I leave for my trip home). I did finish inking the next page of Another Date, but I have to color it later. EDIT: I finished the next page of Date so there will be an update on 12/24.
12.13.02 Ch 2, page 12 of Down and one bonus comic strip added. I also fixed the links on the index page for easier navigation.
12.10.02 No new page for Date, but I changed the links on the index so that it should be a bit easier to read each page.
12.6.02 Ch 2, page 11 of Down added and revamped Down site. Also updated the links section with two links (warmtrombone's follow and Anime Indo International).
12.3.02 Page 6 of Date added.
11.29.02 Ch 2, page 10 of Down added. I also updated the links section with Afuji's Be Mine as well as a couple of banners. Woohoo! Another Date has been chosen as an editor's pick at
11.26.02 Page 4 and 5 of Date added. From now on Date will be updated every Tuesday.
11.22.02 Page 2, page 9 of Down (40 pages of Down total. woohoo!).
11.17.02 Page 2 and 3 of Date added.
11.15.02 Ch 2, page 8 of Down added.
11.08.02 Added another note in the intro section. New story Another Date is online.More characters added in the character page of Down. Next page of Down will be online next Friday.
11.2.02 Ch 2, page 7 of Down added. Updated the links section also.
10.25.02 Teaser page with images added for the new story. Down will be updated next Friday.
10.18.02 Ch 2, page 6 of Down added. Still need to finish the next page of Dream.
10.11.02 Ch 2, page 5 of Down added.
10.4.02 Ch 2, page 4 of Down added.
9.30.02 Didn't have the chance to upload new page of Down last Friday, but here it is. Ch 2, page 3 of Down is online now.
9.25.02 I decided to change the layout of the comic page so that it looks different from the main art page. I also added a links section. I'll work on individual story sections later.
9.23.02 Ch 2, page 3 of Dreams is added.
9.20.02 Ch 2, page 2 of Down is added. Dreams will be updated on Wednesday (or earlier).
First, if you had trouble registering in my forum, let me know. I didn't discover the problem until yesterday and I managed to fix it. Second, I just finished page 1 of chapter 2 of Down. Also, I'm not promising anything but I might actually continue Dreams.
9.12.02 Cover of chapter 2 of Down added (it's a puny update b/c I don't consider cover as a page). I actually have one page of the comics done, but I want to add another page before that one... Unfortunately, some of my art supplies are still in storage (my sumi ink and my good ruler, to be more exact).
9.6.02 Ch 1, p 30 of Down added. I might be late with the next update (or early) because I'm moving and then I'm going to a wedding.
8.23.02 Ch 1, p 29 of Down added.
8.16.02 Ch 1, p 28 of Down added.
8.9.02 Ch 1, p 27 of Down added.
8.1.02 Ch 1, p 26 of Down and notes in intro section added.
7.26.02 Ch 1, p 25 of Down added.
7.19.02 Chapter 1 of Agricolae is over.
7.14.02 Ch1, p 23 and 24 of Down added.
7.12.02 Panel 21 of Agricolae added. Last panel of Chapter 1 and first panel of Chapter 2 should be added really soon.
7.8.02 Forum section is added. I would love to hear from you. :D
7.1.02 Ch1, p 22 of Down added.
6.26.02 Ch1, p 21 of Down added.
6.16.02 Splash page added to Down as well as some sketches.
6.8.02 A little intro about Down as well as a note from the author added.
6.7.02 Ch1, p 20 of Down added (finally, after who knows how long).
6.6.02 Page 5, Panel 2 of Aggie added.
6.4.02 Ch 2, p 2 of Dreams added.
6.3.02 New layout of the comics page.
6.1.02 Ch 2, p 1 of Dreams uploaded. Page5, panel 1 added for Agricolae. Cowboy Bebop
5.31.02 parody pseudo-comics added to the miscellaneous section.
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