Over the years I have received precious presents from friends and fans. I treasure every single one of them. I also have given drawings to friends an others whose work I admired, but I need to dig around to find these pics....

Gifts to Me

Dreams by Jules Ashley by Fiesan Party by Yanwen birthday present by Fiesan Jon by Yanwen Laurie by Yanwen Laurie again by Yanwen Jon by Fiesan Grassy Field by Amel Lily by Ladymercury a page redrawn by Halliday Thomas and Victoria by Dirchansky

Gifts from Me

coming soon?

Contact or Interact

I can be contacted in several ways. Questions and comments are always welcomed. If you want any pics on my site (for your site or in print form) or link exchange, definitely send me a message.

Spammers got to my email script. Until I find a new one, email me at cat CAT studiocyen DOG net (change "CAT" and "DOG" to the appropriate words)

You can also contact me at any of these sites.


Down but Not Out was nominated for "Outstanding Use of Black and White" at the 2004 Buzzawards.