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Old Scores

  9.4.05 - One drawing by Cyen added. Who got 999?
8.28.05 - One drawing by Cyen added.
8.21.05 - One drawing by Cyen added.
8.15.05 - Cyen was bored and made some banners.
8.14.05 - One drawing from Dee and one drawing by Cyen added.
8.7.05 - New player Dee scores with one lovely drawing. One drawing by Cyen added.
- One sketch by Cyen added.
- Kiriban info posted.
7.12.05 - One drawing by Cyen added.
7.10.05 - New player Maru joined the club with one drawing.
7.08.05 - New layout because Cyen was bored.
7.03.05 - One drawing by Keurigi and two drawings by Cyen added.
- One panel comic by Cyen added.
6.24.05 - Maki Juu is joining the starting lineup with two pictures.
6.19.05 - Yet another picture from Cyen.
6.18.05 - One picture from a new player Afuji and one picture from Cyen.
6.8.05 - One picture from a new player Noahvearn (sorry, if I misspell your name!).
5.19.05 - I finished the comic so now it's back to drawing normal fanarts like a normal person. One new, finished picture.
5.2.05 - I have some previews for the comic I'm working on.
3.20.05 - Support the Slam Dunk Doujinshi Project. My friends and I are working on a SD fan comic compilation. Check out our site for more info! Thanks!
12.29.04 - Another Rukawa pic by Keurigi and a junky sketch by Cyen.
12.21.04 - Pic by Kim, Jules, Nyo, and Koyar added. More players came into the game.
12.16.04 - Pic by Jules and Shema updated. Can't wait to see where this is all going... :D Also created a new section of pics.
12.15.04 - Pic by Jules and Shema added.
12.13.04 - When I said "interactive," I meant having a tagboard. Oodles of thanks to Jules for helping me with the board.
12.11.04 - gallery opened. Still debating if I want to make this more "interactive."


  Like I need more excuses to draw Slam Dunk fanarts. Haha. If you're the lucky visitor, send me a screenshot and I'll draw something for you. If no one claims it, then we'll wait until the next lucky number.

#1: 999 <- who got this one? Let me know so I can send you the pic.
#2: 1445


  Questions? Comments? Requests? Lucky visitor to receive a gift art? Feel free to email me.