These are some rough previews from the Slam Dunk fan comic I'm working. You can find more of them at my doodles section. For more info about previews by others, check out the project site. Since Kogure is the main character for my particular story, most of the following images are he. Heh.

Since I managed to finish the comic about a month ago, you can check out a few of the pages here. I took out the text in those images because those are samples.
Trying to draw in Inuoe Takehiko's style is really, really hard. This is one of the better attempts.

This is closer to my own style.

Another close up. It was a lot harder to draw than expected, even if it doesn't look like it.

That was a fun pose to draw.

I love my brush pens and the new nib pen is very sweet too. Surprisingly Mitsui is even more popular than Rukawa (at least among the group I'm working with) so I have to put him in the comic somewhere. Haha.

A panel from the fan comic. I still have to tone but this panel might actually not need it.

Yay! Another picture of Ayako. I like how she's a very strong female character yet she's pretty and feminent at the same time.

An earlier attempt at drawing Ayako.

To me Kogure without glasses looks a lot like the younger Mitsui. Maybe it's the eyes and the way the hair is parted in the front.

A panel from my comic. Check out my bad Chinese hand writing on top of the door.