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The Stats Book

Sendoh with Lemon Slices - First colored SD fanart
Kogure with Card in Hand - Second colored SD fanart
Fujima in his varsity jacket
Maki - A birthday present
Rukawa gets ready
Kogure Cheering - Something more lively!
Mitsui - standing around
Kogure - again...

black and white
Rukawa - First ever SD fanart
Kogure - Second SD fanart
Kogure Shouting - Panel from a fan comic
Separated at Birth (Aota and Maki) - Drawn as part of the 100 topics challenge

Some silly things - Edits of the Kogure drawing
Mitsui - First ever attempt at drawing Mitsui, an oekaki sketch
Miyagi - Unfinished pencil sketch
previews and work in progress for SD fan comics
Sakuragi - Unfinished pencil sketch
Kogure's shirt - Drawn as part of the 100 topics challenge
Rukawa - Keurigi's first SD drawing submitted to the site
Akagi - Keurigi's second SD drawing submitted to the site
Rukawa - head shot
Rukawa - head shot
Mitsui, Akagi, and Rukawa - Jules drew Mitsui and Akagi; Shema drew Rukawa
Shohoku - drawn by Jules and her friends
Jin - colored drawing for a postcard
Mitsui - drawn in oC and PS
Rukawa in suits - colored drawing by Noahvearn
Kogure - oekaki by Afuji
Sendoh - colored drawing by Maru
Shohoku - colored drawing by Dee
Sakuragi - colored sketch by Dee

Maki Sez

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