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Welcome to the Comix Annex
updates and news

2.26.05 Updated the site list.
7.26.04 I added Unchained, Esc, and The Other Side. I've been a bit slow in adding new links on this page, but you can always check out the complete list of members by using the menu.
6.13.04 Updated link to Schwarz Kreuz. The comic is moving to a newer and better server.
5.24.04 Oops, I was a bit slow in adding Coydog's UNA Frontiers. It's a great comic. Check it out!
3.14.04 Added The Castings and Channel 13 to this page. I also changed the color scheme.
1.16.04 Added SoulAir to this page. I also updated the site info.
1.6.04 Finally added Scientifically Fit to this page (sorry, I was on vacation).
12.19.03 More attempts to make this look presentable.
12.12.03 Trying to make this page look more presentable
12.9.03 I made a ring. Wooo.
about the Annex

I started this ring because too many people we don't know want to join the Fellowship. The Lard Ring is not a public group. We're just a circle of friends (real life in many cases). The Annex, on the other hand, is open to the public. The ring is originally named Lard Ring Annex, but it's also known as the Comix Annex.
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joining the Annex (and guidelines)

Unlike the Fellowship, you don't need to know any of the Clubbers to join the Annex, but you still need a well illustrated story. Chapters of text, a few character description, and a cover do not qualify as 'comic.' There are a few other guidelines we need to define (concerning 'adult' comics), but pretty much almost anyone with a good comic can join. There will be screening (we need some guidelines for this too...) so not everyone will be accepted into the ring.

If you are interested in joining the Annex, go here. If you have any questions or suggestions, just contact Catherine.


Fellowship of the Lard - the original comic exchange page at SC.
The Annex - webcomic exchange (this page)
Studio Cyen - Catherine's comics and art (mirror)
Scientifically Fit - The Home of PHD Penguin and Tyrone.
Schwarz Kreuz: black cross - Schwarz Kreuz is the story of a man trying to cling to his humanity. Blood, tears, action, schnapps, soul searching with itís share of light humour and the complexities of being human, dead or alive
SoulAir - "There was once a time when the many kingdoms now only spoken of in far-away tales still freely roamed the Earth..."
The Castings - "Maddox Harman and his friends told their parents they'd be home in two days. But then, they didn't count on the dead coming back to life (a black and white fantasy webcomic). "
Channel 13 - ASCII art comics
UNA Frontiers - "An aquatic robot, telepathic horses and an ancient alien AI struggle to hold the line between civilization and savagery in a post-apocalyptic future. Guaranteed 100% free of mutant bikers. "
The Other Side - "The Other Side is about an emperial battle that's lasted for over 20 years. A member of S.P.A.R.N., a notorious rebellion, meets a girl who is caught up in the battle's aftermath, but fails to discover her true purpose in the world." New!
Esc - "A heavenly agent, a mad doctor, a robot and a temp agency girl are all thrust into another world. Fantasy & adventure."
Unchained - "Tired of a hopeless war and its endless destruction, he left Hell to find himself... but he got dust, a twisted mirror and the bloodiest conflict from Creation...A fantasy webcomic updated twice a week."
Wikkinz - A dark fantasy; a metaphysical mystery; a meditation on magick. Are you a Good Witch, or a Bad Witch?
Tiger Punch - Daisuke Enomoto is a typical punk living on his own in an apartment building. He lost his parents and lost track of the history of his family and his ancestors at the age of five with no evidence if they were killed or not. Encounter an adventure with Daisuke, 18 years old, and a cute furry kitty, Midori-chan, on a quest of searching for Daisuke's family lurking in different countries.
desolation angel tango - Magic, religion and science clash in this story of the end of the world. And the beginning of new one.
Screaming Skull Productions - A site with slightly twisted comics and cartoons by Aaron Norhanian. Home of Lipshitz Mcphallus.
Flat Life - Sex, Drugs & Video Games! Rebel against banality and mediocrity! Flat Life is a celebration of alternative culture. Because most of the people I know (or like), read comics, play video games and talk sh*t (also know as waxing intellectual). They don't listen to people who's name ends with Simpson or watch American Idol (Pop Idol). New!
Better You Than Me - Better You Than Me is a light hearted, silly comic about two guys in their last year of college. Most of the stories are true but are often strategically exaggerated. Subjects include gaming, dating and life changing experiences. Updated a few times a week. New!

linking to the Annex

Just copy and paste the following code in logical location on your site. I'll make more later, but you can also make your own codes that suit your site. Note: If you are a member of the ring, you'll need to replace ***SITE ID*** with your own site ID number. You can make your own annex banner or use the one I made. Please no direct link to the banner. Thanks!

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