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Notes on Chapter 2
Babbling and rambling thoughts on Chapter 2 by Catherine.

1.18.04 I didn't like the shading for this page. The figures blend into the background too much. I do like how the characters turned out though. I guess it's a bit abrupt with the end of this chapte. Oh well. I think I should have drawn one or two more panels to tied things up a bit better.

Feel free to drop a line or two. I'm curious what people think of the story so far. I know there are quite a few questions to address. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten them yet. :)

Thanks to everyone who's been reading (and voting) my story!! I really appreciate it! Plus, it motivates me to keep going.

12.24.03 Well, last update for the year. Feeling lethargic since Thanksgiving. I think it's a combination of things. I had quite a bit of trouble drawing this page because of the body proportions, but the facial expressions turned out the way I wanted. In the end the page turned out ok. One more page and it's the end of Chapter 2.

Hopefully, I'll be able to do a few pages (draft at least) when I'm on my vacation.

11.23.03 November's been a really crappy month for me. Oh well. This page took a lot longer to finish than I expected. I intentionally screwed up the dialogue for the last panel. Hehe.

10.25.03 Many thanks to Amy and her friends for giving me helpful tips on improving the shading of this page.

10.11.03 Notice that I went back to 'the usual' after the pages 25-27? I made the previous pages different and simple so the reader gets a different feeling than all the other scenes.

I was very happy with the line quality of this page, but it didn't matter too much in the end because I had to do lots of cross hatching anyway. I do like the layout of the panels this time. Lots of symmetry.

9.26.03 I think the last panel is cute.

9.12.03 I had the most problem drawing Alice in the third panel. Another page that was done completely with a brush pen. :)

8.30.03 I'm making the next couple of pages a bit different from the usual pages. I've finished the next three pages of Down (counting this one) so it'll be updated regularly for the next few weeks. Hopefully, I'll have a chance to draw more so I can resume regular weekly updates.

8.23.03 Sorry again for the lack of update, but I got a good excuse this time. I was in Taiwan. Woohoo! I was so busy with everything, that I had no time what so ever to actually sit down and relax and draw. Not that I'm complaining because I had a great time! Wid was there too and that made it extra nice. All right, on to the comic...

I finished this page quite quickly this time and I actually like this page. The only thing I don't like is the wording about the second hand kiss. I really like the panel layout because it's actually quite different from my other pages (notice the panels lined up vertically instead of horizontally like most of my pages?). I should experiment more with panelling. :)

I think Jon looks quite Chinese in the close up panel, but what do you expect, I use myself as reference.

I want to thank everyone (you know who you are) who's been giving me kind words about my comic. It's great to hear that my little project has inspired others to draw more and work harder. Hee. Thank you!

7.20.03 Sorry about the lack of update for the past month. I had to deal with quite a few things and they took priority over this comic. This is the first time I colored this comic and it's to mark the second year anniversary of this comic. I dedicate this page to Widhy.

Not sure if I want to do the rest of the comic in color because the colors pulls the eyes away from the lineart itself. I actually like the b/w version a bit better.

I don't like doing dialogue pages because I don't know how to keep the images interesting. I did try to change the perspective in the large panel for a bit of variety as well as emphasize Jon's emotional state. I also like the first and the second to the last panel.

I'll be out of the country in late July. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to update the comic before my trip.

This week's update was a bit late because of the nice weather and me wanting to bake. This page isn't really 100% done. I really should do more shading on the birds and add a background in the first panel. I kind of like panel 2, but that's where all the mistakes are found. Bleh. Oh well, I least I tried something new.

6.9.03 Oooooh, I updated the comic on time. again! Maybe I can get back to a regular updating schedule again. I was experiment with the paneling this time. The theme is symmetry. I also tried to make the actions flow more smoothly, but unfortunately, I goofed a bit between the last panel in the second row and the first panel in the third row.

5.25.03 Woohoo, I actually updated this comic on time. I had a lot of fun drawing the first two panels as well as the poses in the other panels. Too bad the image is too small for you to see the hatching. You can check it out here.

5.12.03 I added a 'page flipper' version of viewing the comics. Now you can go foward and backward from one page to another. I found the script at JS Made Easy and modified it a bit. Unfortunately, you have to start from the very beginning. Don't ask me about integrating the page flipper with the frame version because I don't know how to do that. This is a fairly temporary solution until I find something better.

5.11.03 (Ch 2, p 19) Nevermind about the first panel. The background is totally screwy. My favorite panel is actually the one Dillen gets punched in the stomach. That panel turned out well, and I really had fun doing the shading of Claire's pants. I want to thank Wid for the "Gimme some sugar, baby" line from Army of Darkness. It's perfect for that panel. All I need is to find a place for "Hail to the king, baby." Heh.

4.21.03 (Ch 2, p 18) Dang, it's been about a month since my last update. I'm waaaay too busy with work to have any time to draw. sob. I like the whole page and the various expressions and poses I used. The large panel at the bottom took the most time to draw because I didn't like the first draft. Then, I drew the figures in the front and the back in the wrong perspective so I had to fix that in the computer. I also wanted the figures to be more separated, but I don't have enough space.

3.25.03 (Ch 2, p 17) I like the last row of panels, especially how Alice is sort of out of the boundary in the second panel.

For some reason I'm having trouble drawing heads.

3.8.03 (Ch 2, p 16) You can consider this either a very early update or a very late update. Heh. I'm trying the 3/4 view in panel 3.

2.18.03 (Ch 2, p 15) I'm tired. I tried to get this page done on Sunday but no luck. There were too many panels in this page but I wanted to end the page at a nice point instead of just cut things off in the middle.

2.4.03 (Ch 2, p 14) Another page that took way too much time to draw. I think I spent about an hour for each panel that had a background. This restaurant is based on a real place and their best items on the menu are cheese steak sandwich and bi bim bap.

1.10.03 (Ch 2, p 13) This page took way too much time to draw, but I'm very happy with the result. This is one of the first pages in which I included background in every single panel. It looks so much nicer (and professional according to Waiji. Heehee) than the other pages.

(Ch 2, p 12) Laurie looks really cute in panel 2 (and he's so nosy). Bonus - I was bored so I cg'ed the second row and added random text; the result was this, which I titled "Down."

I also changed the links in the index so that now when you click on the link, the image opens on the top window. This way you don't have to keep going back to see a new image.

(Ch 2, p 11) I decided to shade the background using cg instead of markers. I think it looks ok. I looked at what I drew so far and I can't believe that there's a huge discrepency in quality and style from the first page to what I have so far. Oh well. I guess it shows that I'm improving, and it's not as embarrassing as the fiasco known as Dreams.

Oh, as you can see I redesigned the site and updated the character descriptions (Lynn, Shelly, and Dillen). For those who are familiar with the T, you might recognize a few names. Finally, I added a new sketch. Many times my random sketches show Jon with a big smile.

(Ch 2, p 10) Once again the background took more time to draw than the actual figures. In this page I tried small changes in gestures and facial expressions to show changes in emotions or reactions. Overall, I'm pretty satisfy with this page, but unfortunately, by shrinking the page down to 72 dpi, I lost lots of details in the facial expression. Feel free to check out this larger image.

(Ch 2, p 9) I played around the arrangement of word bubbles. When I was looking over my old pages, I realized that I've been drawing necks way to skinny. I'll try to fix that in my future pages.

I think I'll go back to my weekly update until I decide what to do with my other stories (and figure out how much spare time I have).

(Ch 2, p 8) Believe it or not, but the prof, both physical appearance and personality, is based on a real person whose class I unfortunately have taken. First time drawing an overweight man.

I'm surprised that the cross hatching of the eyes in the last panel came out so well. Too bad the lines blended together in the 72 dpi version. Check out the details in the eyes. My first sketch of the last panel made Jon look a lot more angry. It was too scary so I decided not to use it here.

I received an awesome gift from Halliday. He was going to draw the end of chapter 1, but he was really busy with school. I really like his use of shadows (lots of solid black) and different perpectives. I need to do something like that. Man, he made my story more extreme looking. :D I always like to see intrepetations of my characters by others.

I'm debating whether or not I should go back to my weekly update. I'm psyched about drawing the next part of the story (and I doubt I'll be able to start Meng Mei anytime soon).

11.08.02 Tiny update. I added more characters in the description page.

(Ch 2, p 7) I like how the cheese cake pic turned out, but there's too much negative space up on the top. I like panel 2 too, but I think that image is too big compared to the rest of the page.

(Ch 2, p 6) I like the second row of panels. :)

(Ch 2, p 5) Tried a different scene switching method. My 20% cool grey marker dried up during the shading so I didn't shade the background this time. The chocoloate chip cheesecake recipe is actually real and I made the cake several times. Always a hit among friends. If you want the recipe, email me.

(Ch 2, p 4) I used too much gray and there are a few weird things, but other than that, I'm pretty happy with this page.

(Ch 2, p 3) Got this page done a week earlier, but I didn't have the chance to upload this on Friday. I like panel 4 and 5.

(Ch 2, p 2) If you look closely, you might have noticed that page 32 (ch 2, page 2) was finished weeks before page 30 or 31. I'm pretty satisfied with this page, for once.

(Ch 2, p 1) Phew, just finished page 1 of Chapter 2. I didn't have my sumi ink so I had to ink everything by Microns and the awesome brush fountain pen I gave to the bf. I felt like doing a splash/title page after reading Will Eisner's book Comics and Sequential Art.

Cover of Chapter 2. I don't consider that as a page, unlike a lot of people. Also, I do not think that character designs and a page of text can be called 'comics.'

Old Updates
1.18.04 - Ch 2, p 32 added. End of Ch 2.
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4.25.03 Changed the webpage design.
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1.10.03 Ch 2, p 13 - cute boy
I changed the links so that the comic appears on a separate page from the index. The frame version is for ease of navigation also.
Ch 2, p 11 (see who's at the door) redesigned the site, and added a new sketch and more character descriptions.
11.29.02 Ch 2, p 10 added (writing and a knock).
11.22.02 Ch 2, p 9 added.
11.15.02 Page 8 and gift from Halliday added.
11.8.02 Character profile updated.
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renumbered Chapter 1.
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