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Character Description
The characters so far
Jonathan Kendall
Age: 21
Occupation: second year grad student
Sibling(s): one brother

A second year chemistry grad student who needs to find his 'niche' in the world. Not the most out going person in the world but not too shy either. He's a pretty observant young man, but he's completely oblivious to the girls. He seems accident prone and full of bad luck, but he's a good natured boy (just not now).

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Lawrence (Laurie) Kendall
Age: 26
Occupation: med student
Sibling(s): one

Jon's older (and perfect) brother. Smart, funny, good looking, friendly, etc, etc. The 'star' of the family who hasn't failed in anything he's involved.

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Alice Davis
Age: 19
Occupation: junior in college
Sibling(s): at least one older brother

Girl whom Jon met on the street. A bit hyper and very out going person who's not afraid of voicing her opinions, thoughts, or feelings.

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Age: 27
Occupation: adminstrative assistant
Sibling(s): ?

AA for the lab. On the surface she seems very out going and flirty.
Dillen Claire
Age: 21
Occupation: second year grad student
Sibling(s): more people like Dillen? scary!

Jon's labmate. True to the blood of his ancestor, Linden Eclaire, Dillen is a big flirt. Dillen loves sports and looking good.
Lynn Lin
Age: 28 (looks like a 20 year old)
Occupation: postdoc
Sibling(s): ?

One of the postdocs and fellow sufferer in the lab. A good friend (yes, just friend) of Jon.
Stella Goodchild
Age: 24
Occupation: third year grad student
Sibling(s): who knows

She certainly does stellar work in lab but is she really a good child?
Professor Puniholms
Age: who knows
Occupation: professor and bastard for life
Sibling(s): who cares

Primary investigator for whom Jon is working. Besides running a huge chemistry lab, Puniholms enjoy tormenting his students while sucking up to wealthy donors. Supportive? Yes, if you are the star of the lab.
Claire Park
Age: 22
Occupation: grad student/waitress
Sibling(s): ?

Jon's friend from the TKD club who works part time at her uncle's restaurant.