Coffee Break
Brief notes
9.4.05 (page 20) - Well, that's it. That's the end of the story. I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I drawing it. In some ways this was an experiment. If you want to read more about the behind the scene aspect of the story, feel free to go here.

8.28.05 (page 19) - Surprisingly, this page gave me the most trouble. I was pretty much done all the pages when I finally broke through and got an idea how to draw this page. It's a bit sloppy (took me about 45 minutes from sketch to ink) but it got the job done!

8.21.05 (page 18) - Perceptive people should be able to figure out where Winston is. I did leave quite a few clues in that page (and the page before). Hardest and most fun to draw was the first one. I tried a different scene transition for this and it turned out pretty well. Ideally the building in the photograph should be the same perspectice as the street scene, but whatever.

8.14.05 (page 17) - More fun with perspectives. The hardest one is actually the first one. I'm not used to drawing bottom to top view and it was really hard to figure out what to do with the background.

Poor Winston...

8.7.05 (page 16) - First panel gave me the most trouble, but I had a lot of fun with the details, such as the dirty dishes on the counter. I tried to make the girl more curvy, but I failed. Haha.

7.31.05 (page 15) - Emma has the cutest expressions and Winston looks so nice in his double-breasted suit in this page. I had the most fun drawing the roses. I really like this page even though the perspective in the second panel is a bit wonky. There sure a lot of things going on with that page.

7.17.05 (page 14) - Oh yes, I'm quite cynical about Valentine's Day. I do believe that if you truly love someone, you don't need to have that one day to shower him/her with gifts. I also don't like how people expect lavish, expensive presents for that day.

I like how Winston's and Emma's poses turned out in the first panel. Emma's defintely cuter with longer hair. Heh. I kept drawing her way too man-ish looking in the beginning. I think it's because of her neck.

(page 13) - Not much to say except there are a lot of perspective changes.

(page 12) - I like the bottom left panels. It's certainly more lively than the other panels. The jagged toning is very different from what I normally do when I actually tone, and I hope it adds a bit more tension to that particular panel. I also really like the character design of Winston's two friends. Hopefully if I ever do a longer story about Winston and Emma, I would love to include those two other characters as well.

6.26.05 (page 11) - I think what I liked the most about this page is the layout and hands.

6.19.05 (page 10) - I always want to go to Petra. That wreath was actually really easy to draw. The leaves are just little rectangles.

6.12.05 (page 9) - My ashcan made debut at AN a few weeks ago. The booklet turned out a lot better than I expected so it was a nice pleasant surprise.

5.22.05 (cover and page 8) - Since I'll be out of town next weekend, today is a two-pager update.

I'm still working on my ashcan. Hopefully, I can get it done before AN. The cover was finished on Friday. Since it's been a few months has passed between me finishing the story and me drawing the cover, the characters looked a bit different. I kinda forgot how to draw Winston's eyes so he ended up looking like Kogure. Emma looks a bit better on the cover than early parts of the story. The cover's looking more like a poster than a cover for the ashcan. Heh.

I liked how the layout turned out for page 8. My favorite part of this drawing is the scones. That was actually a time saver because in the first half of panel 1, I was going to draw Emma looking at the plate but I couldn't figure out the perspective I wanted. In then end I went with a close up of the scones, and it turned out pretty good.

5.15.05 (page 7) - This was a very wordy page. Hehe.

5.8.05 (page 6) - The last panel is one of my favorites, and it was one of the first background I drew for the story.

5.2.05 (page 5) - I should have drawn the girl's lips more lucious, but I do like how the guy looks like. I figure I needed something bright for their first meeting so I used mostly light tones and kept most of the area white.

4.23.05 (page 4) - And they finally meet, sort of. Wow, I just realized that there are a lot of greys in that page. Not good because there isn't enough contrast. Actually, I think that was intentional.

4.17.05 (page 3) - This was supposed to be the cover page when I planned things out. I think I'll restored its "status" when I color these pages. I used the same shades for toning on both characters. It was suppose to tie the two characters together visually and symbolically, but there's not much you can do with grays.... This is also where I introduced the circle and square motif.

4.10.05 (page 2 and gift art) - Again the characters are doing their usual things on their own.

I received an awesome birthday present from Juu. She draws my character so hot looking. The talking puppy is soooooo cute too. We're both fans of guys with short hair in suits. I still have to draw something for her.

4.3.05 (page 1) - I want to show separate but equal action.

3.19.05 (Intro) - Apparently this story was too indie and required too much thinking for some people. It's ok because I told the story in my own way/style. Also, it's liked by those whose opinions I actually cared about. They are the true lovers of comics who appreciated the subtleties of the story.

Even though I pretty did this story for myself, I still kinda wished this story got more exposure than it will. Since the story is formated for print, I might just print the pages out and make available in ashcan form. I'll probably sell it for cheap at the cons and/or online.

I love the characters (this includes the main character as well as the side characters) in this story, and I hope some day I'll write more stories about them.

update on ashcan:
This is looking more likely that the comic will be available in ashcan form starting at the end of May so if you want to see the entire story before I put them online, this is your chance. :)

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