Coffee Break
In conclusion....
Story Planning

I'm forgetting the origin of the idea. I wanted to do a story that takes place in a coffee shop and the story was told entirely from the perspective of a waitress. Unfortunately, doing that first person view was a bit too hard so I dropped that idea. The coffee shop idea stayed. The coffee shop story would give me lots of chances to draw food and suits. The title was a reference to one of my favorite Korean restaurants, but the story does take place during a bunch of coffee breaks. Hehehe.

In some ways this was an experiment. This was the second story that was prepared for print, but more effort was put into conforming to someone else's page guidelines. The pacing of the story was experimental too. Since I was limited to 20 pages, I had to fit quite a bit of story and character development in that length. Instead of telling story in a relaxed manner, like I have with other stories, I had to jump from scene to scene, showing highlights that were important to the developing bond between the two characters. One of my friends said that reading this story was like watching a home video. You see little snippets of someone's life without any transition or introduction to the scene. It is rather confusing in the first time jump, but after that, everyone figured out what's going on. I also had various visual cues to signal time jump, some more obvious than other. Emma's hair became longer and the clothes for both Emma and Winston changed from one time to another. I also changed the location within the cafe. Very observant people might have noticed that I alternated between round and rectangular tables.

The number of pages per scene was also intentional/planned. In the first part, there were one or two pages and as the story progressed, each scene had more pages. I was trying to convey was the progression from meeting of strangers and going from acquaintances to good friends. If you first meet someone the conversation is terse and awkward and generic, but once you get to know someone better, you talk about more and more personal things.

Because I was more interested in the relationship (whether is friendship or something more is up to the reader to decide), I didn't even bother to give them names. The only mentioning of their names is on the cover. It was easy to come up with a name for Winston. His name is actually the name of another character from a story that I never bothered to start, and that name is actually name of Wid's dog. Hahaha. I don't remember how I came up with the name of Emma, but I thought Winston and Emma sound like good name combination. This was the first time that I drew someone whose hair parted from his left instead of right. For some reason I always had trouble drawing hair parted from the left.

The character personalities aren't based on anyone specific.

I'm rather happy with the ending. It's not depressing and it's not totally mawkish. I think actually a bit bitter sweet.

Drawing Process
I'll write something about this later, but I don't think people really care about this or my above blabbing.
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