title: Rukawa
date: started 11/23/04, finished 12/3/04
media: ink mostly, cg (greytone only)

My first Slam Dunk fan art (I've been reading waaaaaay too much of this comic in the past couple of months!). Rukawa isn't my favorite character from the series, but this was the first pose that I came up with and I thought it was appropriate for him. The original sketch didn't take too long to draw, but the proportion was kind of screwy. The face was pretty hard to draw because of the eyes and brows (not my style) but the hands were even harder to draw. Luckily, I got two hands I could use as reference. Haha. The sweatshirt is based on my favorite green sweatshirt (which made an appearance in the first Chapter of Down but Not Out also).

Brush pens and my usual pigment pens were used to ink the drawing. My favorite part is coloring the hair. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of details (hatching) after I shrunk the image down web-appropriate size. Free to check out some of the details (1 and 2).

Taking the ever useful advice from Widhy, I opt for greytone instead of the usual colors. I liked the overall line quality too much to have colors distracting the viewers. Hehe. The shading was a bit half-ass though.

What did I learn here? Drawing different kinds of eyes and eye brow. :)

My goal is to draw the starters of the Shohoku team though I should be drawing my own comics......