title: Kogure
date: started 11/24/04, finished 12/11/04
media: ink mostly, cg (greytone only)

My second Slam Dunk fanart. The original sketch didn't take too long to draw, but again the facial proportion was kind of screwy.

Considering how easy the pose is supposed to be, I had a really hard time getting the body proportion correct. I also drew his right arm and hand even though that was eventually covered up. I got so frustrated that I messed around with the picture... 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The usual tools were used to ink the picture. I used graytone for shading. Special thanks to Afuji who provided the basketball screentone.Again, I lost a lot of details (hatching) after I shrunk the image down web-appropriate size, but I was more aggressive with the hatching this time so not everything is lost. Free to check out some of the details.

In the manga Kogure often wore shirts with random things on it so I had to put something on his shirt for this fanart. The tomato is a bit of an inside joke. I have a purse that actually has this logo "picture of a tomato = tomato." That tomato looks a bit too much like persimon.

What did I learn here? Drawing different kinds of eyes and eye brow. I also tried to teach myself how to tone.

My goal is still to draw the starters of the Shohoku team though I should be drawing my own comics...... I also started to think of poses for other team players. Yikes!