Comic #2

Uploaded by cyen at 12:27 on 05 April


Still Working

Posted 01:06
Sun 22 May
by cyen

Ironing out the kinks. I still have to implement the script for the gallery, but I'm pretty happy with the layout of the site. In the news pertaining to the comic, I have been busy drafting the actual pages. I'll probably draft and ink in batches instead of doing one page at a time. Then, when I make enough buffer pages, I'll go back to the usual drawing and finishing one page at a time.


Posted 23:22
Sun 01 May
by cyen

April has been hectic and May is looking like another busy month for me, especially art-wise. I got a couple of commissions as well as stuff for various communities that need to be done before I can focus on drawing on the comic. I am getting quite a bit of stuff done for the comic, but unfortunately, none of them are ready for online. I hope I can get some buffer pages finished before I officially open this site. Now it's looking like I won't be able to publish any pages online until June, but I hope to add some drawings in the gallery in the next week or so. I still have to figure out a good way to display images.

One Step Closer

Posted 12:54
Fri 08 April
by cyen

I managed to figure out how to use and change all the templates in ComicCMS so now the site is almost fully function with many of the special tags intact. I still have to do some cosmetic changes as well as add a few more pages, but the major structure and design of this site are complete. Hurray! All I need to do is start drawing my comics, and then this site will be officially open! I still don't like how the news section is looking so I still have to fix that part.


Posted 13:16
Mon 04 April
by cyen

Just testing out the new script to see how it works. The site will officially open in about a month or so?