This section consists of two parts. One part deals with general stuff, like about me, the site, FAQ, etc. The second part deals more with the actual story.

General Information

About the Author/Artist

Catherine is a Taiwanese-American currently living in a tropical paradise with her family. She has been drawing all her life and has been doing comics since 2000. She also enjoys reading, cooking/baking, and traveling. She's inspired by many, but one of her main inspirations is her grandfather Yen Shui-Long.

About the Site

This site is part of Studio Cyen in the comics subdomain. The site has been hand coded in notepad with graphics done in PhotoShop. The design and bulk of the site was done in early April 2011. Webcomic content management is handled by ComicCMS. The site layout is done in css (no tables for once XD) and html and converted to php by ComicCMS.

About Other Comics and Publications


  • Comic Cafe - contains other comics that Catherine's done between 2000 and 2008
  • Coffee Break - Finished short story about two people talking in a cafe.
  • Curious - Finished short story based on actual event.
  • Down But Not Out - An unfinished long comic about a guy trying to find himself.


Most Valuable Benchwarmer for Slam Punkz: Dunk This! - first self-publish project Catherine participated.

Coffee Break - First ashcan made by Catherine in 2005 which contains two short stories and some illustrations.

How to Make Tonkatsu in 2007 edition of tOFU - 3 pages, plus freetalk.

illustrations in Battle Cry - English doujinshi project that's available online only, but you can find high resolution PDF version as well as a low-res PDF for screen and complete web directory. A professionally-looking doujin made by my friend EK for the anime series Samurai Champloo. Tons of illustrations, stories, and comics from lots of people. It's truly a labor of love.

A New Challenger Approaches for 13 Rupees (Zelda Anthology Project) - 2008 self-published Legend of Zelda fan project. I was co-editor and designer as well as contributed a 10-page story, plus free talk.


Cartoon Clinic by Ben Cormack - Available at any book store. One page of Down but Not Out appeared in the comic.

How to Draw and Sell Comics, third edition by Alan McKenzie - Available at any book store. Parts of Curious appeared in this instructional book. The book itself is a good read, full of interesting and useful tidbits.

About Philosophos

Originally a proposal submitted to a subscription webcomic site in 2004. The story was reworked and restarted as a comic strip in early 2011.

Hired by an eccentric gentleman, a team of brilliant scientists and archaeologists search for the Brahmastra, which may be the savior or destructor of mankind. Written and drawn by me, Philosophos will be an adventure drama in the format of a full color, online comic strip.

The Story

Different from many sci-fi stories involving powerful objects, Philosophos is not about the destruction of the world or a small band of children saving the world. The discovery of a potentially destructive artifact is an integral component of the plot, but it is not the primary focus. Instead, the story is a study on the personalities and relationships and interactions between key team members. First part of the story consists of the excavation and eventual discovery of the artifact. As the story progresses, elements of action and adventure will be introduced, as well as more philosophical discussions about the artifact and its impact on humans. Philosophos is not the typical action science fiction; it is about ordinary people in extraordinary situation/circumstance who happen to be on the verge of discovering something spectacular that will change their view of the world and world’s view of them.

The Characters

Theresia (Tess) A. Bowman

American, mid-20s, archaeologist and language specialist with interest in creation myths.

Thomas Edward Stratton

British, late-20s, anthropologist with medical background.

Victoria Hwang

Chinese, mid-20s, security and intelligence.


South East Asian, early-30s, botanist who enjoys cooking.

Sir Henry James Albright

British, 60s or 70s, appreciator of antiquities and sponsor of this particular excavation project.

Damion Albright

early-30s, newphew of Henry James Albright.

Alexandria T. Bowman

Deceased. Older sister of Theresia Bowman.

The World

In this alternative universe science and technology are highly advanced, yet people have this insatisable appetite for all things “old.” In the past decade or two, the field of archaeology expanded rapidily due to advances in other scientific disciplines, but some people still have not forgotten the romantic and adventurous aspect of this field.