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Notes on Chapter 3
Even more of Catherine's incoherent babbling
9.18.05 So I've been spending the last few months drawing lots and lots of Slam Dunk fanarts.... After a while I felt like I was learning enough from drawing fanarts and I was ready to get back to doing comics. For some reaons I was feeling very unmotivated about drawing this page. There were a bunch of things that was giving me trouble (well, more like everything) and that added to the frustrations. At least I got it done and my favorite panel is actually the shoes. Hehe. I'm a bit disappointed with the background in the first panel, but I like how Jon looked. Some of my friends commented that he's looking older.

7.9.05 Between the last page and this page, I did my Slam Dunk fan comic. Some of what I learned from doing fan comic was applied to this page. I really like the lineart for this page. It's a lot stronger than the previous pages. It's mainly because I switched to a thicker nib and in some ways I'm less afraid about inking. Not that I was ever afraid of inking, but I think I was able to be bolder and be not so afraid of drawing thicker lines. I also switched back to using nibs to do cross hatching because the new nibs I got is capable of producing lines when I use fast strokes. It's actually pretty fun doing speedlines (another thing I picked up from doing the fan comic). Overall, I like the layout of the page, but as much as I hated drawing the fat dude, the first panel turned out better than expected. It was quite agonizing trying to draw that panel. In the end I switched perspective.

2.28.05 Yikes, it's been too long since my last update! I was in a slump from October to December. Then, from December to middle of February, I was working on an offline project, a short story about two people in a coffee shop. I have another offline project that's due in early April (Slam Dunk fan comic). Before I start the new project, I wanted to updated Down. I miss drawing my boy. :) I want to thank everyone for your patience and support.

Not too much to say about this page. I wonder if I improved between this page and the previous page because I drew 20 pages between these two pages. I like the different perspectives?

My birthday was a few days ago, and I received a bunch of awesome presents from some wonderful friends and artists. Included were two fanarts for this story.

One was from Kim. Alice looks sooo mischievous and cute while Jon looks quite manly yet flustered. A friend thought Jon was Kogure (glassed dude from Slam Dunk). Hehe.

Second one is from Yanwen. We spent a whole afternoon drawing in a cafe, and I had the previlege of seeing her drawing from start to finish. She always makes my characters look way more pretty than I ever can. Jon looks so cute and innocent.

10.4.04 Drawing the fat guy was surprisingly fun, but that doesn't mean I like the guy.

7.25.04 Nothing too exciting about the process of creating this page. The first four panels can be read two ways. I tried to draw the second to the last panel in different perspective, and in the end I settled for the front view. The shadow I used were supposed to be darker (but I'm too chicken), but I like this compromise.

7.14.04 This page took a lot longer to finish than I expected. This page has more words than any of my other pages so that took a while to figure out where to put all the text. Also, it was quite complicated to put all the elements together. I wanted to try something different; I wanted to change the way I usually draw a conversation. At first I wanted to do a soluette of Jon and Dillen, but in the end I chickened out.

I still can't believe Down but Not Out was nominated for "Outstanding Use of Black and White" at the Buzzawards. Thanks to the judges who nominated me and thanks to those of you who voted. I doubt I'll win but that's ok because I'm already happy that I got nominated.

Monday (7.12) marked the third anniversary of Down. I can't believe it's been three years. I should draw more pages. Hehehe. I'm still trying to think of how I want to celebrate. Check in later for more updates.

6.26.04 It was nice taking a bit of a break from doing comics. Hardest panel to draw was actually the first one; the fifth was a bit of a pain also. This page gave me a lot of problems overall because I didn't know how to fit all the text into the page and I couldn't think of an interesting layout. I'm pretty satisfy with the result though.

5.23.04 I liked how this page turned it; it's much better layout than my original draft, which was drawn months ago on the trip to Asia. I also tried to draw view that's closer to profile but still 3/4 view (is it still considered 3/4 view or it's something else?). I always have problem with it, which is why I practice drawing it this time.

I tried to give Jon a bit more confidence in this page, sort of showing his pre-prelim attitude. Hee.

427.04 I was a bit late in updating, but now it's done. I haven't done hatching for a long time, and I was really, really rusty. Someone once said the most manly person in my story has a pony tail. Haha. I like Jon's expression in the fourth panel. This page has a couple parallels with other pages in which Dillen appears, but probably I'll be the only one notice since I'm the creator.

4.12.04 As always the background took way more time and energy to draw tha I liked. At least it turned out well. It's been too long since the last time I played with perspective.

3.15.04 Wow, that was a long break. Still much less than the 6 months break I took over a year (or two?) ago. I had a lot of fun doing this splash page and it actually got me motivated to draw again. Yay!

The mechanical pencil in the drawing is my favorite pencil which I use for most of my drawings. Also, there's the Mono eraser I got at Taiwan last year. Color scheme is pretty randomg, but I intentionally used a bright yellow sticky note to draw the reader's eyes to the title. I also decided to add a picture of Jon's family.

1.19.04 I liked one of the images so much in the last page of Chapter 2 that I decided to use it to redesign my site. Actually, I like the other panels even more, but it would be a major spoiler if I used them as background image. Haha. As much as I like the previous site design, I wanted to do something lighter, more cheery.

So what's going on in the next chapter? All I'm going to say is Jon is going to help Alice move, but the rest you'll have to wait and see. Hehe. I hope it'll astonish you. Haha. Ok, maybe not 'astonish' but I hope you'll be surprised and amused. In the next chapter I hope I'll get to show more of other characters' personality, including Alice. I don't think I'll be introducing more characters though.

I got a rough script already, but I won't be able to draw and put stuff online until late February, after my trip to Asia. I hope I'll be able to draft a few pages though (mostly while I'm in the airport. haha).


·s¦~§ΦΌΦ !
Past Updates
7.09.05 - Yay, I finally updated Down. I miss drawing this story and I hope that in my few months absence (was drawing other comics), that I've improved. Page 10 of Chapter 3 is now online.
5.15.05 - Oh man, the SD fan comic took a lot more time to finish than expected. I'll resume my update of Down in a few weeks after things calm down a bit, but currently I am updating my new short story Coffee Break once a week. Sorry about that!!!
4.11.05 - Next update of Down is around end of April/beginning of May because I'm working on a Slam Dunk fan comic, but currently I am updating my new short story Coffee Break once a week.
2.28.05 - Ch 3, p 9 added (finally) and new gifts (from Kim and Yanwen).
- Ch 3, p 8 added.
- Ch 3, p 7 added.
7.14.04 - Ch 3, p 6 added.
7/12 marked the third anniversary of Down but Not Out
Down but Not Out has been nominated for Outstanding Use of Black and White at the Buzzawards. Please support Down by voting (voting ends on 7/12)!
6.26.04 - Ch 3, p 5 added.
- Ch 3, p 4 added.
4.27.04 - Ch 3, p 3 added.
4.12.04 - Ch 3, p 2 added.
3.15.04 - Ch 3, p 1 added. I still need to do the cover.
1.19.04 - New page design.
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