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A brief introduction about my story

This is definitely my favorite story so far. Like I said before, the idea started one night when I was feeling very depressed. Initially, it was just 2 pages, but I like the character design of Jon so much I decided to continue the story.

So, why do I like this story so much? Um, first, I get to draw a cute, clueless, depressed boy regularly. The girls (Amel, Fiesan, and Yanwen) seem to like him. Second, it's a straight forward, simple story (unlike my crappy and too complicated first story). Third, the main character (and many others) are not perfect so there are opportunities for people to change and grow. Fourth, I try to add personal touches and little details to make the story and the drawings more interesting. Fifth, theme of the story, which is to find one's own niche in the world, is very important to me. Finally, drawing the story (and drawing in general) is my stress reliever and keeps me happy. I know some people don't understand that. If you know me better, then you'll know that there are a few other reasons why I feel attached to the story.

You may find and understand some of the details I have added through out the story, if you read my other stories or my friends' stories (Club Haus, for example). For example, there's is a reason why the cafe Jon and Alice went is called Linden Cafe and their specialty is eclairs... Can you guess?