The Babbling Brook
My rambling about my comics.
Chapter 2

p. 3 (9.23.02)
Oh, boy, it's been months since I last updated this story. I decided to go back to inking my comics. I think this is one of the best page in the story so far.

Mai isn't a very proper lady, is she? Hehe. To me her hairdo isn't very Chinese looking but I still like it.

The panel with the guards is an accident. Before I only wanted to have 2 guards in the pic, but when I was doing the draft, I ended up drawing the guys in different positions and it actually look pretty good. I cheated a little in this page. I used a bit of cg in the shading (not all though).

p. 2 (6.3.02)
Not much to say about this page. I like shading folds in the blanket. I became unmotivated towards the end, hence the lack of background and shading.

p. 1 or 27th page of this comics (5.31.02)
The story keeps on changing in my head. It gets simple, then complicated, and then simple again. Hopefully, I'll be happy with the one that I actually draw. Also, I hope that there won't be any major plot holes.... I forgot the original designs of those two... Need to find the costume design. Oh, I threw historical accuracy out the window (like it was ever accurate). Dang, I just realized that I used the wrong period costume. Oh well, too lazy to redraw that page.

Still needs a cover for chapter 2, but I can't think of anything interesting.

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