The Babbling Brook
My rambling about my comics.
Chapter 1

p. 21 (4.3.02)
Haha! I finally finished chapter 1. I think I've improved since I started this story, but there's still plenty of room for improvement. Well, it doesn't matter because I'm only doing this for fun.

That's the end of chapter 1. Thank you for reading my stories so far.

p. 20 (3.28.02)
Don't you hate self-absorbed people sometimes? They can drive the most calm and nice people to anger. My favorite panel of this page is the second to the last one. Ugh, still have to work on the proportion. I think drawing large figures has messed up my ability to draw small. >_<

p. 19 (3.23.02)
Not much to say about this page. I intentionally used the same layout as page 17. I'm happy with the way the car seat turned out in panel 3. I think Lily looks similar to the original character design, unlike Ashley or the nameless dude.

p. 18 (3.17.02)
AAAAAAA!! I turned the antique dealer guy (currently without a name) into a pretty boy. Once again, I'm trying some things out. The perspectives are really screwy because I didn't really plan everything out. Oh well, at least I tried.

p. 17 (3.14.02)
Geez, it's been forever since the last time I updated this story. I finally got better ideas of how to continuing the story. Hopefully, I'll have more updates soon, but we'll see considering I'm going to be very busy. I was too lazy to ink the page so I just finished it in pencil form. As you can see, my style has changed since the last update.

gifts (8.7.01)
I haven't had a chance to draw page 17 (having problems coming up with good dialogue), but here are some gifts I've received over the past year. The newest one (partyglow.jpg) is from Yanwen. dreamer.jpg by Jules was my first gift ever. ashley.jpg is from Fiesan who have sent me lots of pretty gifts since this pic. I love every one of them. I really appreicate the effort each person has spent on the drawings.

p. 16 (8.2.01)
I'm trying a slightly different layout this time. You can actually read the story 'normally' or split the page in 2 vertical halves and read each section separately.

p. 14 and 15 (7.8.01)

I decided to use solid color for Jesse's clothes which saved time and my wrist. Shucks, I just realized that the last word balloon in p. 14 looks like it's coming from Ashely instead of Jesse. I can't draw straight lines today. :P I need to start drafting page 16 and 17.

p. 12 and 13 (7.4.01)
Wow! It's almost exactly one year since I uploaded my first pages of this story. After 4 months of hiatus, I actually finished 2 pages in 3 days. Yay! I actually drafted page 12 around February but I didn't have the time (or motivation) to finish. Page 13 was drafted and drawn on 7/3.

Anyway, I've never drawn a kiss or BIG figures before in a story (Fie, you got your request!). Thank goodness I've been increasing the size of my drawings for a few months now. I also decided to use different sizes of pens and to go back to micron like pens. My hand hurts when I use nib pens. :(

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