Life is but a Dream
Characters in the story so far.....
Age: 26
Occupation: architect
Sibling(s): younger sister Mimi

A shy young woman who works in a small architecture firm. Her closest friends are Jesse and Chris. She looks sweet and innocent, but her inner strength may surprise people.
Age: 28
Occupation: chemist
Sibling(s): younger sister Violet

A young man who first meets Lily at a charity dance. Like Lily, he's quiet and calm, but when someone he cares greatly is in trouble, he's more than willing to help out or fight.

Age: 26
Occupation: architect
Sibling(s): two

Lily's closest friend since freshman year in college. They started a small firm after they graduated from college. A very friendly, outgoing young man. Currently no girlfriend though a few women in the firm seem to be interested in him.


Age: 26
Occupation: architect
Sibling(s): none

Lily's good friend in the company. A very enthusiastic young woman who loves to shop. She has a big crush on Chris. She's a very cheery person, an optimist.

No names

Age: ?
Occupation: ?
Sibling(s): ?

Man in white who owns an antique store and woman in red who works with the man in white. Both are interested in the necklace and Lily, but why? And, who are they working for or with?

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