The Bamboo Princess - ˤD
Rambling thoughts on Chapter 1 and behind the scene stuff by Catherine.
Author's Notes

5.30.04 - This page gave me a chance to draw old person. Actually, I wanted to draw a middle aged guy, but I ended up drawing an old dude instead. Hehehe.

For the bus seat, I wanted to pick a more gaudy green color, but in the end I decided against it.

5.18.04 - The drawings for each panel were a lot larger than what I can use here. Oh well. I shouldn't have given the guy glasses because it covered up his eyes, and I really liked how the eyes turned out before adding the glasses. Inked panel 1 and panel 2.

4.19.04 - This page as a whole actually doesn't exist on paper. I drew each element separately and then put them all together in the computer. You probably wouldn't have known that if I didn't say it. Hehe.

4.4.04 - There's an amusing show on A&E called Airplane. It's basically about customers and the agents of Southwest dealing with customers. It's actually pretty amusing because most of the travelers get all pissy for the smallest things.

As you can tell, I do more panel experimenting for this title than Down but Not Out. It's actually kind of fun.

1.25.04 - Woooo, I've been good about updating (once a week) since my return from Christmas/New Year trip. Unfortunately, this is my last update until I return from my big trip to Asia. Hopefully I'll be good and draft some pages.

This page was problematic because I wasn't 100% sure about the layout until I got to the cging part. I had to do some editing but you can see the original drawings of the guy and the girl. In the end I like how it turned out. The last panel actually took the most time to draw because the background.

I might redesign the site to make it look more like the layout I'm using for Down but Not Out.

1.9.04 - Happy New Year! Man, I'm too slow in updating my comics recently. I do like how this page turned out though I had some problem with drawing eyes and the guy (sadly, he still has no name) in the last panel look a bit funny. I should draw more open mouths so I can practice drawing the inside of the mouth. The rough coloring of the last panel as well as the tilted text were intentional.

Based on the suggestion from Wid (thanks!), I lighten the eys in the last panel to show suprise or shock. I really never thought of that too much, but I just realized that in my older pages, I rarely color the pupils when it came to expressing surprise. I guess I just kind of did that without thinking about it too much.

I actually took the first panel and colored it. The result is this.

12.6.03 - Ugh, I noticed that depending on how I place the paper on the scanner, the proportion of the image is slightly different. I'm still not 100% sure how to color/shade this comic, but one thing for sure, I'll be using minmum cross hatching (compared to Down). I'm trying to decide between cell shading, softer shading, or flat coloring. Heck, I might actually do this comic in full color.

11.21.03 - Played around with site design a little bit. I think it's looking a bit better than my previous version. If all goes well, the next update would be 12/5 (after I come back from Thanksgiving).

11.14.03 - Ugh, bad timing has prevented me from updating this regularly. First was the submission. Then, my bristol ran out. Now, it's too much work and it's close to the holiday season.

I feel like I still need to do more shading on the page, and I don't like the minimal contrast between the figures (to be exact, their clothes) and the background. Overall I like the way the characters look. Boring headshots, I know, but it'll change soon enough. Hehe.

10.4.03 - Well, here I go again with a new story. I hope I won't lose interest in this story or Down but Not Out. I tried something new with the paneling in the second page. I decided not to use too much hatching in this page, but I hope the characters still stand out from all the leaves.

Past Updates
1.25.04 - Page 6 and 2 images added.
1.9.04 - Page 5 added.
12.24.03 - Two images added.
12.6.03 - Page 4 added.
11.21.03 - Played with the site design. Next update will be 12/5.
11.15.03 - Setup the frame version. This should be better than what I had for Down.
11.14.03 - Page 2 added.
10.4.03 - Page 1 and 2 added.
9.28.03 - And so it begins... Story #3.
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