The Babbling Brook
My rambling about my comics.
Chapter 1

p. 5, panel 22 (7.14.02)
Chapter has ended. I have to solidify my ideas for chapter 2 now.
p. 5, panel 21 (7.8.02)
Ooops, I forgot to add panel 3. I'm done inking and lettering chapter 1 and first panel of chapter 2.
p. 5, panel 19 (5.31.02)
I actually finished chapter 1 already. I should be able to update this comics more regularly if I figure out the plot for chapter 2.
p. 4, panel 17 and 18 (5.10.02)
Fun with brush pens. I found this really good brush pen in Chinatown and I finally got a chance to use it. I have more control over this pen than the micron brush pen. Yay. No update this weekend because I'll be finishing my paper.
p. 4, panel 16 (5.8.02)
I'm actually pretty happy with this panel (more than the previous 2 at least). I'm not sure if the kids are too tall or too short. Background was a bitch to plan out and in the end most of it was covered by the word bubbles.
p. 4, panel 14 and 15 (5.6.02)
These 2 panels were actually one on paper. Because I didn't like how everything was crammed together, I decided to split the panel into 2. I really didn't like how the pics turned out. The 2 guys are strange looking and the kids look like adults with big heads. Bleh.
p. 3, panel 12 and 13 (5.4.02)
I think it would a been a very lame update if I only added panel 12 (the 'fwoosh' panel). It's like calling a cover a page or have a whole page of text counted as a page of comics. The hairdo of one of the guys look a bit like Spike's in panel 13. Still need to find names for the 2 guys...
p. 2, panel 7 (4.27.02)
Boy is Carminus and the girl is Flora.
p. 2, panel 6 (4.26.02)
The boy looks better than expected. I have to practice drawing kids...
p. 2, starts with panel 5 (4.6.02)
Ok, last panel for 2 weeks... Yes, the background colors of p. 1 and 2 are different.
p. 1, panel 3 and 4 (4.5.02)
Hehe, when I showed Yanwen panel three, she thought of med school. Panel 4: no wonder they're lost... Look at the direction of the map.
p. 1, panel 1 (4.4.02)
Well, this is the very beginning of a new story... I'm trying different paneling style as well as using more brush pens and hatching. Bonus points for those who know what agricolae are (you first year Latin students better know this as well as "Britannia est insula"). Since this is a new format for me, please give me feedback.

update archive
7.8.02 - p5, panel 3 added.
- p5, panel 2 added
- p5, panel 1 added
5.10.02 - p4, panel 4 and 5 added
- p4, panel 3 added
5.6.02 - p4, panel 1 and 2 added
5.4.02 - p3, panel 3 and 4 added
- p3, panel 2 and character description added
- drawings added.
4.30.02 - p3, panel 1 added.
- p2, panel 5 added.
4.28.02 - p2, panel 4 added.
- p2, panel 3 added.
- p 2, panel 2 added. Now, that I'm back from my vacation, this site is officially open.
- p 2, panel 1 added
- p 1 finished
- Ch 1, p 1, panel 1 added
- teaser page added