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12.24.02 Now Yanwen and I have a better idea how to approach this story. Hopefully we'll get back to our weekly update.

11.24.02 These next couple of pages were drawn by Yanwen. I colored and did the word bubbles. I'm going to change the updates from Sunday to Tuesday.

It's so hard to draw guys with short hair. Notice the use of blush on the last two panels of page 2? Heehee. My fav panel is the third one from the end. I have to do more gestures. I like the layout of page 3. My fav panel is the fourth one.

The story was originally for this compilation called Tofu, but for several reasons we decided not to publish it there. On the surface this story may look like a typical shoujo story, but it's not. The two of us can't get ourselves to draw a straight shoujo stories even if we wanted to. We would be laughing too much to draw.

I'm suppose to draw the boy's point of view while Yanwen suppose to draw the girl's perspective. We'll see how well this works out. Both of us are drawing and writing the story, but for now I'll be the one doing the coloring.

This is going to be a short story. We want to get onto our own big projects as soon as possible. (I can't get myself to use pink background for this page).

On to my blabbing about page 1. The writing on the hand is my handwriting (and I used my own hands as reference for the hand drawing). I want to thank Wid for giving the suggestion of making the impact a bit transparent so the background color would show through.

I just realized that the title for each of my main stories contains a word that starts with a 'd.'